The Pioneer

  1. Newspaper Cut-outs

    23 Oct 2019

  2. China’s one-child policy ends, but attitudes don’t

    14 Mar 2016

    After 35 years, China’s one-child policy has come to an end. China is ready for change, but the Chinese are not.  “I can’t even afford to raise one child. I’m not going to have a second child just because they finally change the law, ” said Guodong Zhang. Zhang comes…

  3. Behind A Hundred Million Archway

    14 Mar 2016

    One of the poorest counties in China spent 130 million yuan (four yuan equals to one dollar) on the longest memorial archway in the world.  At the end of August 2015, Lingao county’s memorial archway project was finished with a length of 1.7 kilometre in total. There are 87 individual…

  4. Get Your Folk Spirit On

    17 Jan 2016

    She took a bow to the crowd, everyone looked at her with eyes full of affection and resonation The sound of applause lasted for five minutes after she left the stage.  Direct from the folk underground, Ani DiFranco brought the city of Belleville together with her soulful music at Empire…

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