BELLEVILLE, Ont. (16/11/14) – Cab driver and local artist Robert Fox and his wife Susan Arsenault try to lift their lovely dog Bourbon away from the coffee table. Fox and Arsenault have been married for almost five years. They don't have children. Bourbon
SHENYANG, China. (28/05/15) - The farmer market security guard takes a nap behind a grilled duck booth on a warm summer day. Photo by Gretchen Chi
Lingao, Hainan (04/02/16) - Posters of the founding father of the People's Republic of China, Mao Zedong and China’s current president Xi Jinping are popular items in Chinese New Year Stocking Market. Local farmers like to hang these posters on their wall
SHENYANG, China (30/05/15) - Vintage collector/store owner Yukun Li sells his collections at North Market. Photo by Gretchen Chi
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