Litong Chi (迟莉桐)

Freelance Journalist, Founder of 行舟心理

Currently in Beijing, China

A photograph is an eternity for the subject; it's the salvation for both the subject and the photographer. Sometimes I have to look for the perfect lighting and emotion, most of the times I just happened to be there as a witness.I have so many doubts, photography is one of the ways to answer them.           - 2016

Now, as I get older, I found myself constantly drowned by  the limitation of words. And that where photo speaks.      -2022


Everyday, I wake up in bed and wonder what life is all about.

Somewhere between my third time failing and

my last drink; I found it, I felt it.

The sound from the deepest ocean and the light from the farthest star

They lead us to love those things we meant to love,

Then we can finally belong to ourselves.

Litong Chi

Sept.5 2015

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